Value-Added Products

In addition to the quality, simplicity, features, and economy of the Min-U-Script Pro software, we now offer, and will continue to develop, a series of optional “value-added” products and services to complement our clients’ use of Min-U-Script. Designed to improve your productivity and to enhance your service offering to your clients’, these products will deliver the same quality, innovation and economy you’ve come to expect.


Min-U-Script Repository NEW!

The Min-U-Script Repository is a powerful yet simple and economical program for providing your clients with instant download or viewing of their transcript files.  Your repository is a highly secured web server that provides you with the tools to manage your files and assign your clients access rights to a variety of functions at the case or individual file level.  It serves as an outstanding marketing tool to encourage firms and particular cases to schedule all their depositions with your firm.

Scan Pro

Min-U-Script Scan Pro

Min-U-Script Scan Pro This Is The Ultimate Utility For Faster, Easier and Optimum Exhibit Scanning.  Designed for use on Twain Driver scanners, Min-U-Script Scan Pro sends all the proper defaults to your scanner.  Scan Pro also enables you to scan multiple exhibits at one time, through your sheet feeder, by using the Scan Pro Control Sheet between exhibits and auto-generating individual file names for each exhibit.

  • Batch scan and auto-name multiple exhibits in one easy step
  • Scan PDF or TIFF formatted file in consistent optimal resolution
  • Automatically save scanned exhibits into Min-U-Script for attaching and linking or save to hard disk
  • Instant copy/paste of exhibit description from index page of ASCII file
  • Instant billing and QC reports of total number of exhibits, pages per exhibit, and total pages scanned
  • Instant preview, rename or delete of scanned documents

MUS Mail

Min-U-Script Mail

Min-U-Script Mail, a joint development with Attachmore, takes the guess work out of sending larger files through standard email. Now you can send and share your Min-U-Script files and exhibits without the hassles and pitfalls associated with emailing attachments. Your Min-u-Script files can easily exceed the attachment limitations of most email systems. MUS Mail enables you to bypass attachment limitations and email your files directly from the Min-U-Script software. Free 60 day trial. As low as $50/year.

  • Upload and Email your transcripts from the Min-U-Script software. No extra steps, no extra software or websites. Super Simple.
  • Email and send your transcripts through Outlook, Gmail, AOL or any of your favorite email programs or social networking sites.
  • Extended your company or personal brand each time you send. Attachmore download pages can be branded to carry your company identity.
  • Use Attachmore for all your file delivery needs. Works independent of Min-U-Script. Support your whole office with one account.

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Pay-4-Script is the “Ultimate Tool for Getting Your Invoices Paid Faster, Easier and More Economically!” Designed for Agencies, Independent Freelancers, Officials and Legal Service Providers, Pay-4-Script is your Customized On-line Payment Center (no website required) that delivers your invoice for C.O.D. (file download immediately after payment), Standard Terms, even Advance Payment or Deposit. Pay-4-Script is fully integrated into PayPal’s secure and most efficient credit card transaction platform providing you and your clients with the easiest features for credit card transactions. Your Pay-4-Script/PayPal Program Is backed by a National Accounts Program offering you the absolute lowest transaction fees in the market… a flat 2.2% on all credit card payments including American Express and all Reward/Frequent Flyer cards. Better yet, your money is automatically routed to your checking account in one to three days. End the waiting and hassles of collecting your money while providing your clients the security and convenience of paying you faster… just like they pay the airlines, hotels and everything else!

Now just $ 99.00/year or $ 12.00/month (plus a one-time set up fee of $ 99.00) Saving you hundreds even thousands in Merchant Setup Fees and Programming.

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