Min-U-Script Pro

Why Attorneys Love It!

Just as important as the production features and tools, are the features and benefits it delivers to attorneys and legal staff. From delivery to closing argument, Min-U-Script provides legal professionals with the best in quality and a full range of easy-to-use litigation support features found in Adobe Reader and Acrobat… already resident on every computer in use. And now, the Federal Court System and many State Courts require electronic filing of transcripts… in PDF format.

Key Features For Attorneys!

  • Simple, non-evasive single PDF file delivery by email (View Bundle)
  • Custom branded CD menu for easy access and brand recognition 
  • Files open in Adobe Reader and Acrobat – No Special Viewer Required
  • Instant access to all formats, word index wheel, and original ASCII
  • Instant access to scanned exhibits (attached or hyper-linked)
  • Ultimate legibility for screen viewing and printed transcripts
  • Advanced searching/digesting features in Adobe Reader and Acrobat
  • Meets all court filing and signature requirements
  • Casewide Exhibit Bundle
  • Instant link to your web site Scheduling page
  • And much more!
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