Min-U-Script Pro

Why Court Reporters Love It!

Min-U-Script Pro delivers a simple-to-use, comprehensive range of features all at exceptionally low prices… with no monthly fees or click charges!  Min-U-Script’s productivity tools, file management features and customizable branding features assure you, and your clients, of the best in quality, valued features and your brand recognition… all packaged in the most widely accepted document format, Adobe’s PDF format.

New Features in 4.0

  • Auto "Insta-Link" of Exhibits to Text
  • Simultaneous "Insta-Link" of Exhibits to Multiple Formats:
         PDF, TextMap (XMEF) & Summation (SBF) Format NEW!
  • Min-U-Script Mail Low Cost Custom Email for Large Files NEW! - FREE 60 Day Trial
  • Case-Wide or Multiple File Batch Package of Transcripts & Exhibits NEW!
  • Auto-Convert into Lexis's TextMap Format with Exhibits + Marketing Plan NEW!
  • Auto Upload File(s) to Min-U-Script Repository NEW!
  • WordPerfect & Word Conversion Tool NEW!
  • Witness Photo on Cover Page NEW!
  • Backup/Export/Import Data Files and Default Settings From PC to PC NEW!

Standard Features For Reporters/Agencies

  • Best Quality Printed or On Screen Viewing 
  • Fast and Easy To Use Production Tools
  • Multiple Formats in Single PDF Bundle File
  • Custom Cover Pages, Footers and Formats
  • Custom Email & CD Menu for File Distribution
  • Easy Exhibit Attaching & Linking
  • Electronic & Digital Signatures
  • ASCII Viewing, Light Editing & Spell-Checker
  • Batch Printing Multiple Formats & Copies
  • Auto-Archive Files with Instant Search/Sort/Retrieve 
  • Case-wide Word Lists
  • Case-wide Exhibit Bundles (View Sample)
  • Integration to Min-U-Script TR (Transcript Repository)
  • Exhibit Bundling for Expanded Support of Repositories
  • Fast and Easy Exhibit Scanning with Min-U-Script Scan Pro
  • Deposition Scheduling Link in PDF
  • Customized Header and Footer Layouts
  • Integrates with RB 8 and Analyzer Billing Software 
  • Windows XP,  Vista, and Windows 7 compatible
  • And much, much more